Who am I?

My name is Carlos Quaresma, I was born 1st of March 1955 in Lisbon, Portugal, and was raised at the Casa Pia orphanage in the same city. From my difficult childhood I have worked my way up to where I am today. Currently, I live with my wife, Birgitta, in Sweden, and I aim to become the president of Sport Lisboa e Benfica.

I met my wife almost 15 years ago, after just having finished my career as a professional football (soccer) player in Benfica. We have lived in Sweden since, but I travel to Lisbon at least a couple of times every year. Football is still a great passion of mine and when I visit Portugal I enjoy a good meal with Eusebio, my best friend Veloso or other football players. My heart is still - and always will be - with Portugal and Benfica.